Beautiful art for your walls
We don't take photos, we create beautiful artwork - precious art that you'll love to look at and be proud to show off to friends and family

This is what we do:
We work with families of all sizes from smaller single-parent families to large groups. We'll work indoors or outdoors to fit the style you're after. As everyone in your family is really special, we make sure even the 'little people' get their say.
Whether you're a couple, or just after photos of yourself, we'll make sure you feel and look fabulous. We work with people of all ages, shapes and sizes - we love the confidence boost our customers have when they see their photos.
Your wedding day will be the highlight of your life, so we treat it that way. Everything about it is special, so we'll capture all of those fabulous memories that you'll one day share with your children and grand-children.
Families love what we do
We've worked with many families, large and small, single parent and married, young and old children. We loved them all, as they were such fun and were all a privilege to work with
We love working with families...
Love Love & emotions
The things that bind your family together are love and a range of other emotions - these are what we love to record during our family sessions, so we'll do everything we can to encourage your family 'to be yourselves' so we see those emotions shine through.
Memories Creating memories
Life's all about memories, so we do everything we can to capture those lovely memories of your family together - 'the real you'. We'll work with you at your pace to create something beautiful that you and your family will cherish for years to come.
Having fun Fun & enjoyment
We want your family to be relaxed and to have a really enjoyable experience, so we'll involve you all to make that happen. The more fun we have and the more relaxed you and your family feel, the happier you'll be with what we create together.
Customer reviews
Read why over 84% of our customers rated us 9/10 or higher, with all of them rating us at least 7/10
What people say about us:
Just a quick message to say what a wonderful time we all had yesterday kids absolutely loved it! Helped that you were such a lovely kind man. I will be sure to use you when I need any update photos and any other family sessions and I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know xxx
He is fabulous at engaging children and really encouraged my son with joining in, he is 7 and he never likes posing for me! He's still talking about how much fun he had with you on our photoshoot, you have such a great talent for working with children!
I haven't seen her so comfortable with any other photographer and we've worked with quite a few. She had a fantastic time and you're the first photographer she's hugged off her own accord so well done for making her feel so comfortable, I was really surprised when she did that!
Adults stylish & professional
Couples, women or men - headshots, portraits or fashion - informal or formal - indoors or outdoors
A wide range of styles:
We work with all sorts of couples: engagements, partners, siblings, colleagues, young and older couples. We'll work with both of you to help you relax and feel like you're 'just on a day out' so that we can get that relationship between you to really shine.
Whether you're after some quality photos to share with others, or just for yourself, we work with women and men of all ages to create super quality wall art, albums or portfolios. We'll make sure you look relaxed, feel supremely confident and look really stylish.
We've created a variety of headshots, from artists' portfolios to businesses needing quality headshots for their websites and sales literature. We love informal, stylish professional photoshoots, but we're just as happy making things more formal if you prefer.
Weddings & engagements
We create timeless memories you'll cherish forever - ones you'll value so much that you'll pass them on to your grand-children
The joy of your wedding:
The Bride & Groom
It will be the best day of your life, one you'll want to remember forever, so we'll make sure that's the case. The memories we capture for you will all be about the love you have for each other, and the fun you have on the day.
The Wedding
You've planned this day for a long time, so we know all of the details are important to you. We'll be with you throughout the day to make sure you've a record of all those important parts of the day that you spent months planning.
Your Guests
Everyone who means something to you will be there, just for you. So we'll capture those moments of fun and enjoyment, as well as the friendship and love your guests have for you, for when you look back on your fabulous day.
About Bees Knees Photos
We're great at what we do and we love doing it - with us you'll feel really comfortable, enjoy yourself & love what we create together
Why Bees Knees Photos:
High quality art for your home
We don’t take photos, we create quality art that you'll be proud to display on your walls and around your home, which you'll cherish and be keen to show off to friends and family.
It’s all about memories
In the future all you’ll have from this time of your life will be your memories & your cherished artwork, so we make sure we capture these memories so they stay with you for years.
No pressure and no surprises
We’ll inform you about everything in advance so you know what to expect, so we won’t trick you into higher prices or do anything to pressure you into buying anything. It’s up to you.
Reliable and always by your side
If we say we’ll do something, then we’ll do it - and we’ll do it on time. Confused? Unsure what to wear? Uncertain how to look in front of the camera? We’ll be with you to help you all the way.
This is what we do
Great quality artwork for families, couples, adults, children, headshots and weddings
F amilies
A dults
W eddings